The Living God, TheLivingGod.OnLine and the “TLG” acronym may be used and interchanged throughout various pages of The Living God Network of SItes. All are meant to refer to the term TheLivingGod.OnLine with its respective sub-domains of websites.

About the TLG Network

The TLG Network website provides an overview of the all the TLG websites available for Christians around the world. Each website which forms a part of the TLG Network will typically have its own About us, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy page, as each website is catered to a specific niche of the on-line services and may or may not contain user contributed content.

Our Purpose

Christian Inspiration, Hope and Encouragement is what we strive for in every website that’s a part of the TLG Network. Although all people are welcome to peruse any of the TLG websites, as the websites are Christian based, it would make sense the visitors either have an interest in becoming Christian or are already Christian and wish to mature in their Christian life journey and share their Christian walk with the community.

Therefore, all TLG Network sites are open to non-Christians who wish to know, study and optionally interact with other Christians within the TLG Network of websites. As a general rule, each person is expected to respect and adhere to each websites Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

Some TLG Network websites may have social network and communications components, these are meant to allow Christians from all over the world the ability to share their Christian walk providing Events, Blogs, Images, Beliefs, Practices, Prayers, Revelations and Testimonies posted either privately or shared publicly, using various integrated media functions on the relevant on-line service.

The TLG Network of sites are meant to provide meaningful Christian information and to facilitate communication between people who hold true to principles from the Holy Bible, which explain how family, morality and the love to others should be practiced.

The TLG concept was first founded 26 November 2015, starting with the TLG Social Network and growing to the various other TLG websites including TLG Christian News, TLG Daily Bread, TLG One Body, TLG Share, TLG Chat and TLG Webmail. All for the benefit of the more than 2.2 Billion Christians on earth, approximately 31.5% of the worlds population*.

All the TLG Network of websites are clean+ virtual environments encouraging the sharing of various types of content between members, which may include information about churches, communities or religious institutions and church or outreach events.

We hope the service can attract and provide information to non-believers who have a desire to know and understand a life inspired by Jesus Christ through shared testimonies, beliefs and the Christian way of life.

*(Reference: Wikipedia
+Adult and mature content (for example pornographic material) of any form is prohibited.

Postal Address

Attention: TLG
PO Box 44
West Hoxton, NSW 2171

Do we focus on any one Denomination?

The TLG Network of websites are all non-denominational and are impartial Christian on-line resources. TLG does not promote or demote any denomination and/or Christian congregation in any of the services it offers.

Our Statement of Faith is located here.

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